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+31 6 27000080

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Sector is not an escape room! This is an action game where during one hour you go trough 6 different rooms trying to avoid the lava, defuse bombs, stop the flood, catch the lights, solve riddles and do other things with a goal to earn as many points as you can. With a team of 2, 3 or 4 players you can try to beat other teams or your friends. And may be even to become the best team of all time…

This is an extremely competitive and intense experience. In the center of Amsterdam on the space of 200 square meters we created a different abandoned world. We used high-end technologies and all our six-year experience in escape rooms to build this adventure. We combined beautifully designed interiors with a simple gameplay and a high involvement of a teamwork. Here not only your brains but also your muscles play a role!

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