VR Zombie Warriors VR

Bedrijf: MyEscape.Club


Weteringschans 187a 1017 XE Amsterdam ()

+31 6 27000080

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"Zombie Warriors" is a high-end VR game where you and your friends will fight the zombies in a meticulously created post-apocalypse setting. It is an extremely intense and dynamic experience with a distinct scare-factor and a few features to come as a surprise during the game. And it is one of the most team-focused VR games. You are not just communicating with your teammates, you can heal other players and you can shoot them (friendly fire).

"Zombie Warriors" is a perfect choice if you wish to introduce yourself into virtual reality and enjoy the highest-quality VR game. But also a great choice when you decide to surprise your friends and check who is best prepared for the zombie-apocalypse day!

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