Escape room Shmooter VR

Bedrijf: MyEscape.Club


Weteringschans 187a 1017 XE Amsterdam ()

+31 6 27000080

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Do you like games like Counter-strike or Quake Arena? Or maybe you are a fan of laser-tag or air-soft? Or you've already played a ton of VR games, got tired of stupid zombies and looking for a real challenge? We have something to offer!

“Shmooter” is a death-match arena in a cyberpunk style, where you play against your teammates. Robots and humans started the war and now you are one of them! You have to use the system of teleports and elevators to move between towers and floors. You need to find and shoot your enemies before they shoot you. You will love the rocket launcher if you can get it!


You can play this game “Everyone's on their own" or “Team vs team”.

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