Escape game The Secrets of Eliza's Heart

Company: Logic Locks

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5.0 / 5

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De Vlugtlaan, Ferdinand Huyckstraat 28 1061 HW Amsterdam ()

0651 069 529

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We, the ancestors of explorer Elizabeth Lionheart, have decided to open her old study chamber to the public. It is full of peculiar and valuable treasures from all over the world, including a stuffed crocodile that looks hungrier as time passes...
We are looking for a golden heart necklace of unimaginable value -the Lionheart. Perhaps you have more luck than us. If you find it in the room, we can make a deal. We give you the chance to uncover the hidden history of Elizabeth Lionheart.
Where did she dissapear to? Why did she never return? Will you be the one that finally finds out what happened to the golden heart? Enter and find out! But take heed! It would be foolish to assume that her study chamber will give up it’s secrets easily...

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