Escape game Soup du Jour

Company: Rock City Escape


Daam Fockemalaan 22 3818 KG Amersfoort ()

+31 6 22656385

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Nuns disappear from the monastery. Nobody knows where they go or what is going on… At the same time, the popularity and reputation of the recently opened restaurant Le Monastère continues to grow. The famous chef Gaston Boucher, awarded a Michelin star for his excellent soup, does not want to share anything about this success and guards his secrets firmly.

In Soup du Jour you have reserved a table for a dinner in our prestigious restaurant, but you will soon discover that in the kitchen nothing is quite as it seems, and that the chef is not so friendly at all…

Break into Gastons’ private test kitchen, but beware: Gaston has a violent temper! If you’re caught it could be your head on the chopping block…

Use your sleuthing skills to decipher the clues hidden in his old restaurant menu’s. The door is closed behind you and the chef is grinding his knives. You only have 75 minutes to discover what really happens in his restaurant and to get out alive!

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