Escape game Bloody Mary

Company: Rock City Escape


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You’ve probably heard of the legend of Bloody Mary. There are many variations of the story, one of which is that years ago, Mary was a Sister at the monastery. Some say that her vengeful spirit left the monastery a long time ago. They are wrong… Say her name three times in front of the mirror and Bloody Mary will appear. With dreadful, bloodcurdling consequences.

Bloody Mary.. Bloody Mary.. Bloody Mary.. Does this ritual really summon this dark, afflicted spirit? Or is it fear-driven imagination that tricks the believers? There’s only one way to find out. Curious? If you’re brave enough, enter the room and unravel the mystery of Bloody Mary, but be warned: you will never be the same again!

You were all at the convent school and played a game to evoke Bloody Mary. After that, your classmate Amy disappeared without a trace.
Even now, after all the years that have passed, you are still plagued daily by nightmares, anxiety and guilt: it’s time to find out exactly what happened and at the same time stay out of Bloody Mary’s hands.

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