Escape game Water Flood

Company: Saveamsterdam

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5.0 / 5

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Postjesweg, Cornelis van Alkemadestraat 69—73 ()


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Amsterdam was always under the thread of massive water willing to cover the whole country. Today the catastrophy is even closer, as the water pump guy suddenly disappeared, and there is nobody in the whole world who knows how to activate the pump. This is your chance to get into the water station and prevent the great flood in the city. Only 60 minutes are at your disposal, and you must use them wisely! #SaveAmsterdam is a real-life escape room. The more players, the better and more entertaining. During the game, the players solve numerous puzzles, riddles using different objects that they will find in the room, just like in an interactive quest computer game. You dive into the fascinating journey requiring both a team work and individual approach and involving extensive thinking out of the box. This is fun!

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